WATCH: Judi McGinley: ‘In the Garb of a Quaker’

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‘In the Garb of a Quaker’,  sees archivist Judi McGinley delve into the unsavoury life of John Tawell, who was hanged for the murder of his mistress, Sarah Hart, in 1845. While the case is well known due to its many quirky factors – it was, for instance, a case which forever embarrassed Tawell’s renowned defence lawyer because of his suggestion the victim died from ingesting too many apple pips – it is Tawell’s life, and the path he took to murder, which Judi focuses on.

Judi McGinley is an archives officer who joined Buckinghamshire Archives back in 2018. She has previously worked and volunteered in various heritage organisations including the Museum and Library of the Order of St John, Clerkenwell, the London Fire Brigade Museum and Library and the British Red Cross Archives. Judi’s hobbies include World and Independent cinema, watercolour painting, visiting museums, galleries, and heritage sites.

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  1. Very interesting account of John Tawell’s life and trial. Judi’s narrative was clear and easy to understand in highlighting the main facts about John Tawell.

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