LISTEN: Building the Buszy

In the early 2000s Milton Keynes had a problem with Skateboarders, who were drawn to skate the concrete and granite features of the city.  Rather than shutting-down skateboarding throughout the city, MK Council worked with the skateboard community to find a solution.  Their first output was the world’s first urban skate plaza: The Buszy.

This podcast, facilitated by the MK Skate Project, is hosted by Leo Sharp.  A skateboarder himself, Leo talks to the two architects behind the Buszy Project: Andrew Armes and Richard Ferrington.  What unfolds is a story of challenge and collaboration, which questions the very nature of the public spaces that we share every day.  

MK Skate is funded by Milton Keynes Council and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and aims to record and tell the social history of skateboarding in the city.  

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