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Making History: Making Movies

We are very excited to support ‘Making History: Making Movies’, a brand new two-year project from Wessex Film and Sound Archive, supported by the British Film Institute awarding funds from the National Lottery and Hampshire Archives Trust. The project will collect film footage from people across the Wessex […]

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LISTEN: Building the Buszy

In the early 2000s Milton Keynes had a problem with Skateboarders, who were drawn to skate the concrete and granite features of the city.  Rather than shutting-down skateboarding throughout the city, MK Council worked with the skateboard community to find a solution.  Their first output was the world’s […]

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WATCH: I Heart MK 2006

Since the earliest days of its existence, Milton Keynes has been at the forefront of UK skateboarding culture. During the 1980s and ’90s it was the skateboarding capital of the UK and is still a popular destination for street skating. Between 2003-2006 MK native and skateboarder Lindsay Knight […]