Kati Fogg

Kati Fogg actress

Kati returned to acting three years ago after a long break. Since returning she has appeared in a number of projects with Queens Park Arts Centre’s in-house production company Unbound Theatre, including Brecht’s ‘Antigone’, ‘Twelfth Night’, ‘Anthony & Cleopatra’ and a tour with the Unbound Sketchbook. She has also been lucky enough to work with Aylesbury Town Council at events including the Tudor Fayre and Festive Family Fun. Kati is a keen traveller when she is not at home with her dog Diefenbaker. 

In her latest role, Kati has transformed into Archivist Lowden, as she invites players of all ages to join her in a quest to stop ‘the Data Thief’, a.k.a. Daniel McGinty, from stealing the world’s archives in Unbound Theatre’s brilliant History Detectives…